EcoBag Soap Saver


The AMAZING Soap Saver! Wash, Hang & Store your soap in your EcoBag. No mess, no waste! Allows you to use the soap until the very last bit.

The famous (infamous, even?) EcoBag is one of those things that makes you think “Where have you been all my life?” Part wash cloth, part storage container, entirely awesome! It enables you to use your soap down to the very last bits – no more throwing out your bar when it gets too small, or trying to wash yourself with a soap sliver). It keeps your soap dry (so it lasts longer) by hanging it instead of leaving it in a soupy soap dish.

  • Scrub up with your soap naturally tucked into an open weave soap bag with a drawstring closure.
  • One side is an open mesh. The reverse side is a denser weave, soft like a washcloth, no more slippery soap, and lots of extra bubbles!
  • Simply hang to dry until the next use, and throw it in the washer once in a while.
  • Collect all those end pieces of your favorite soaps and enjoy them ’til their very end.
  • The soap saving ecoBag lasts forever and pays for itself in a very short amount of time.

1 open-weave drawstring bag

Made from 100% natural cotton with fair labor wages. Machine wash cold, hang dry.

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