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The KIND Mission is to be…

KIND to your skin, KIND to the earth, and KIND to others.

Handmade Soap

All of our natural, handmade soap products are: KIND to your skin: handmade with the best ingredients mother nature has to offer and FREE of irritants, toxins, and undesirable ingredients, KIND to the earth: packaged in environmentally conscious materials, and KIND to others: donating 10 cents to charity for every product you buy, and giving back in other ways, as well.

KIND to your skin

DISCOVER all the ways our handmade soap products can help you be KIND to your skin.

KIND to the earth

DISCOVER the ways we support your commitment to being KIND to the earth.

KIND to others

DISCOVER how we can help foster your desire to be KIND to others.

KIND handmade soap products can be found at Whole Foods Markets as well as online marketplaces, independent natural food stores, spas, boutiques, and gift shops. We now have over 100 products, and we’re not finished yet! We hope to continue to see growth in both our handmade soap company and the usage of natural bath soaps in every home, working towards a healthier, more natural, and safer life for all.

I am passionate about doing my part to educate and empower YOU to provide you and your loved ones with products that are safe and healthy (and incredibly indulgent). Our natural beauty products and skin care are designed to delight those with even the most delicate skin.

The KIND Mission is based on the three, equally important PILLARS OF KINDness. We will always be: KIND to your skin, KIND to the earth, and KIND to others.

All of our products are KIND to your skin because they are made with the best natural ingredients mother nature has to offer and they are FREE of irritants, toxins, and undesirable ingredients. We are KIND to the earth by packaging our products in environmentally conscious materials. Finally, we are KIND to others by donating 10 cents for every product you buy, and giving back in other ways, as well.

We’re so glad you’ve discovered KIND handmade soap company. We can’t wait for you to experience soothed, pampered, healthy skin that’s been loved by the products we’ve poured our love into.

Handmade soap: KIND for you, and KIND for all of ManKIND

Take a good look around at the world in which we live. Our world is a fast-paced world, always abuzz with the latest gadgets and gizmos, a truly wondrous marvel. Yet behind that flash, behind that buzz, lies the cold and dark industrial side of our world. A world that is about units produced, numbers and profits, cheap and quick and dirty. That is our world, but it’s not a world we have to choose to be stuck in.

As human beings that are a part of this world, we have all stopped at one point and taken a good look around and wondered how we got so far away from nature; how far we have strayed from natural substances our ancestors used to stay fresh and healthy; and how we have moved away from handmade products crafted with love and care. It’s never too late to go back to those days, but how? Where do we start? Where do we go? Who can we trust? We need something natural. We need something ethical. We need something….KIND.

At KIND Soap Company, our handmade soaps offer you that warming embrace you have been missing for so long. It’s time to make the move away from store brand products, which are wrought with chemicals and compounds that are toxic and harmful to both you and the environment. At KIND all of our handmade soaps are composed of natural ingredients that are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and GMO-free. KIND has a wide array of products from lotions to perfumes, tonics and gels, and our premium handmade soaps. KIND products can be used by both men and women. We have something for everyone. Embrace the KINDness and see what we bring to the table: natural, ethical products that will bring you back into balance and bring you back to yourself. Be KIND to yourself, and experience what we have to offer.

We also suggest our products as gifts for men. Whether it be during the reflective time of the holidays or for a birthday gift, come up with the perfect present — soap. Show someone you care with the KINDness of a gift that stands out every time it gets used. Don’t bother looking through social media or the entirety of your home. An internet search or surreptitious line of questioning will never result in the perfect gift for that perfect someone. How do you even know where to look when it comes to shopping for a man in your life? They almost always have everything they need already: the latest smartphone, a good car, even an ugly Christmas sweater. Take a much deeper look. Ask yourself what he has to keep himself in fighting shape. What can you get him that will show him you care about him and his well being?

For your husband or every father, son, and brother in your life, consider our special collection of handmade soaps. A collection that will fortify his body against the constant struggle of our modern world. A collection that will give him that sense of quality only found in our many natural handmade soaps like our Cedarwood Citrus Shower & Shampoo Bar Soap. Made from only natural ingredients, our Cedarwood Citrus Shower & Shampoo Bar Soap is one of our many handmade soaps that will give someone a head-to-heels clean like no other. Our handmade soaps will help tighten his skin, repel insects, help fight bad body odor, and even lift his mood. All of our many handmade soaps are vegan and irritant-free.
So for the next birthday, graduation, or anniversary, or during the next holiday season, help a special man in your life reconnect with nature. Show him that you stand by him and will help him through whatever comes his way. Show him you care with the gift of quality, the gift of compassion, and the gift that only KINDness can bring.

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