KIND® natural liquid soaps & hair care
         it's not quite liquid gold, but it's close.....
Liquid detergent is for the dishwasher!

For all you die-hard fans of liquid-y and gel-like bath and body fare (and you know who you are)... We've created some fabulous, natural, and distinctively un-solid soaps, shower gels and hair care products just for you.... 

KIND hand soaps

Two of our favorite scents, Lavender Fields and Wild Lemongrass are showcased in our gentle but effective liquid hand soap. Available in 8 oz pump bottles, these little gems are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom sinks

KIND shower gels

Classic and uplifting, our Lavender Fields and Wild Lemongrass shower gels are a welcome change to the harsh detergent-based/preservative-laden gels we find on the store shelves. Available in 16 oz recyclable PET pump bottles - perfect and safe for the shower

KIND hair care

Like our shower gels, our Citrine shampoo and conditioner are free of the irritants and "bad" preservatives we find in most of the other products out there. No Sulfates to irritate skin and eyes and strip your hair, and no detergent to dry it out to a hay-like consistency. In other words,  Lots of good stuff, no bad stuff, smells great, makes your hair look great, prepare to get compliments.

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